After being presented with several proposals regarding the creation of a team-customized wine, the Jets approached Turnkey about launching a research study to accomplish the following objectives:

 Identify fans’ wine consumption and purchase habits
Determine preferences regarding wine type, region of origin, etc.
Gauge fans’ interest in the “custom-branded wine” concept


Season ticket holders, club seat holders, suite holders, single game buyers, and non-attendee fans were surveyed via email as part of this study.  Collected data was then segmented by respondent type to allow Turnkey and the Jets to identify similarities and disparities across multiple fan groups.


The study found that 72% of respondents consumed wine at least several times per month, with club seat holders being the most frequent wine drinkers.  The majority of wine-drinkers consumed wine most often when dining with a partner/spouse.

Overall, respondents found California red wines (specifically Cabernet Sauvignon) most appealing, and indicated that previous experiences with a particular brand or a recommendation from a friend or family member had the most impact when deciding whether or not to try a new wine brand.

Ultimately, 50% of respondents categorized the concept of a custom-produced Jets wine as “very” or “somewhat” appealing.


In June of 2010, the Jets, in conjunction with Wine by Design, a lifestyle marketing agency, announced the limited release of “Jets Uncorked”, a California Cabernet Sauvignon. “The data we collected from Turnkey had a significant impact on our decision to move forward with the development of a custom wine,” said Matt Higgins, SVP of Business Operations. “Knowing the preferences of a wide variety of fans made it easy for us to decide on what type of wine to deliver.”

Higgins said the Jets also plan to use Turnkey’s recommendations regarding marketing and promotion of the custom wine when it hits shelves in the fall. “Turnkey’s data provides a great blueprint for us from a marketing standpoint,” said Higgins. “It was a no-brainer for us to rely heavily on their data and insights as we discussed our options and settled on a strategy.”