During their 2009 playoff run, the Orlando Magic saw their base of Twitter followers flourished to over 450,000. A need arose to explore the breadth and reach of this growing population, and better understand the behaviors and traits of this group.


The Magic posted a customized survey on their Twitter page. Over 450 Twitter users completed the survey.


The study found that among users, as ticket investment increased, Twitter interaction decreased. Other findings included the following:

  • 82% of the team’s Twitter followers did not have a Magic ticket plan. As such, Twitter provides a cost effective method to move them up the ladder of team investment.
  • As age increased, the percentage of women followers increased significantly.  21% of respondents under 18 years of age were female; that percentage jumped to 44% for those 35 years or older.
  • 45% of Magic followers actively sought out the Magic’s account by searching on
  • Magic followers were more likely to be passive than active, using Twitter to “read others’ update posts/new”, “connect with/’become a fan of”, and “obtain latest news/insider information of favorite singers, politicians, teams, etc.”.
  • A significant percentage of followers would like to see more promotions/giveaways as well as exclusive content and breaking news on the Magic’s Twitter feed (78% and 72% respectively).


Followers of the Magic account were most interested in exclusive content and game information.  As a result, the Magic redoubled their efforts to include live game information, and other exclusive content. Said Jordan Kolosey of the Magic’s Market Research Dept., “Turnkey Surveyor allowed us to much better understand how our 1,000,000+ followers interact with our Twitter feed.  Putting tangible numbers on a relatively intangible process gave us the perspective and context needed to fully maximize this team media channel.”