Market research has shown that there exists a strong correlation between customer experience and loyalty.  In sports, properties know the importance of providing a great experience at the game/race/etc. and, in general, do a good job measuring how enjoyable that experience is.  However, there are many other touch points where customers interact with the property: buying tickets, calling customer service with questions/complaints, etc.  Turnkey Intelligence feels that these interactions are just as important as the game experience, and properties should do more to measure these experiences.

When measuring the customer experience at these other touch points, Turnkey Intelligence suggests incorporating the following three questions into your survey instrument.  These questions are based on a common metric in the research industry, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index.    The following questions were written for a ticket purchasing survey, but verbiage can be changed depending on the experience being measured.

1.     Thinking about your recent interactions with the Gladiators ticket office, how effective were they at meeting your ticketing needs?

  • Very effective
  • Somewhat effective
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat ineffective
  • Very Ineffective

2.   Thinking about your recent interactions with the Gladiators ticket office, how easy was the ticket rep to work with?

  • Extremely easy
  • Very easy
  • Moderately easy
  • Slightly easy
  • Not at all easy

3.    Thinking about your recent interactions with the Gladiators ticket office, how enjoyable was your experience?

  • Extremely enjoyable
  • Very enjoyable
  • Moderately enjoyable
  • Slightly enjoyable
  • Not at all enjoyable

By adjusting measurement protocols to account for all points of interaction between your property and fans, you are doing more than just making sure your fans are happy.  You are ensuring loyalty to your team and brand.