Philadelphia_Flyers.svgWhen the Philadelphia Flyers advanced to the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, they knew that they had a valuable, time-sensitive opportunity to acquire leads. By creating an Enter-To-Win contest for Stanley Cup tickets, and successfully promoting it prominently on their home page, the Flyers set up their sales department with timely, qualified leads for the off-season. Seeing their page views and uniques climb every successful round, they knew capturing these new unique visitors were critical.

The Flyers had the contest form ready to go in case they won their conference final which they obviously did, therefore they were able to go live with the contest immediately after the game when traffic would start spiking. In the next 36 hours, the Flyers were able to capture 180,000 contest entries. After de-duping the entries, that number fell to 140,000. When they scrubbed it against their CRM and email database, the amount of new leads into their sales system was 90,000 and the amount of new email recipients was just short of 124,000 (with very little unsubscribe subsequently). The Flyers knew that it would be impossible for their sales staff to reach out to all 90,000 leads, so the Flyers relied upon Turnkey’s lead scoring to prioritize and qualify these leads.

Using the Turnkey Prospector tool, the Flyers enhanced each record with personal, household and lifestyle information from Acxiom, and then scored each lead on custom Turnkey-created algorithms. This process allowed the Flyers to separate out the 20,000 “hot leads” that had both the interest and ability to purchase. The Flyers were now able to plan out their initial wave of calls, with the remaining going into nurturing campaigns (allowing the nurtured leads to rise up depending on the disposition to these campaigns).

Reaching the Finals of any major sport obviously creates marketing and sales opportunities that must be maximized and executed. With our marketing department already seasoned in lead generation, we find ourselves in positions that we must be smart about which leads to market to first. Scoring leads helps us maximize our conversion rates, therefore revenue while also setting us up for future revenue by nurturing the remaining leads. – Mark DiMaurizio, VP – Technology Solutions

Without the synergy (and proper planning) between the Flyers marketing and sales departments, this fantastic opportunity would have been lost. Both departments worked as one to plan out and seize the opportunity, qualifying the influx of leads for the summer sales process. They were confident in their established lead scoring practices and knew that the more leads they collected, the more qualified leads they would be able to sell to leading in to the 2010-2011 season.