DollarWith the MLB season now over, final Nielsen ratings show how much winning matters.  The three teams with the biggest increases in regional rankings (compared to 2010) were the Indians, Brewers, and Pirates; gains were 109%, 59%, and 41% respectively (source: SportsBusiness Daily, 9/30/2011).  All three teams either (a) won a lot, or (b) won a lot more than expected.

Seems to me that the corporate partners (read: sponsors) of these teams benefit greatly from their winning.  Why?  A higher rating implies more eyeballs, which leads to more advertising impressions.  And since most sponsors receive on-air media inventory, it seems fair to expect that these companies will be reaping the profits of increased exposure.

Of course, Brewers’ sponsors benefit from additional home games, almost certain to sell out.  Extra activation opportunities, additional signage impressions, more chances to engage the fans = more value for the cost.

Everyone loves a winner.  Especially those who reap financial rewards.

(Footnote to the above.  What do the Indians, Brewers, and Pirates all have in common?  Why, they are all Turnkey Intelligence clients!)