Prior to the start of the NBA playoffs several years ago, the Phoenix Suns added the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) to their list of partners.  Immediately thereafter, the Suns worked with Turnkey to create a study to measure and identify:

General awareness of the GOHS’ “Expect the Max” anti drunk-driving campaign
Campaign approval ratings
Campaign repercussions
Perceptions and attitude towards drinking and driving


At the conclusion of the regular season, a group of Suns season ticket holders were surveyed via email/online to begin the study. Then, after the second round of the NBA playoffs, Turnkey administered the survey a second time to another segment of the Suns season ticket holder base.


The results of the post-playoff survey were striking: 79% of respondents who had attended at least one Suns playoff game were aware of the “Expect the Max” campaign (up 27% from the regular season recall rate), and 4 out of every 5 of those respondents recalled hearing about “Expect the Max” during a Suns playoff game.

65% reported that the “Expect the Max” campaign had affected their decision-making with regard to drinking and driving.  In particular, women were especially likely to be influenced by the campaign: the percentage of those who stated that the campaign affected their decision-making rose 30% during the playoffs.


Using this data, the Suns were able to demonstrate the value of the organization’s partnership with GOHS thanks to improved metrics based on the campaign’s in-arena and website activation.  As a result, the Suns were able to extend their relationship with GOHS through the following season.

“Clients with public funds demand ROI, and with the use of Turnkey’s survey tools, we were able to measure fan sentiments and awareness, and demonstrate that our activation and marketing program work,” said a representative of the Suns Marketing Partnerships Department.  “Because of the exercise and results, we are able to make the case for increased marketing dollars from GOHS each year.”