SocialAccording to The CMO Survey results, published in the February 26, 2013 article “Do Marketers Know What They Want From Social Media?” on, top marketers are spending 8.4% of their budgets on social media, a 140% increase from three years ago. There are no signs that the increased spending will stop – projected numbers for social media spend jump to 11.5% in 2014 and 21.6% five years from now.

Alarmingly, though, only 9.9% of marketers believe their social media efforts are “very integrated” with their marketing plans (“very integrated” is the top box on a 7 point scale). While more money is being devoted to social media budgets, there remains a huge gap in how social aligns with (and contributes to) companies’ overall marketing approaches.

From a sports business perspective, how might a team eliminate this disconnect between their overall marketing strategy and their use of social media platforms? Turnkey recommends conducting a Social Media Study among fans. These studies should be sent to both followers and non-followers, and be designed to help determine how each platform fits in to the team’s marketing strategy by identifying the following:

  • Demographic profile of social media users and usage habits
  • Demographic profile of team social media followers and usage habits
  • Followers’ reasons for following the team on each platform
  • Followers’ satisfaction with the team’s current content on each platform
  • Interest in new potential content
  • Etc.

Example: In the chart below, depicting results from a professional team’s recent social media study, it is clear that this team’s fans use Facebook and Twitter for different purposes. The team’s fans use Facebook to focus on personal relationships and connections, while they engage with Twitter to keep up with news, trends, information, etc.

Social Media

Knowing how fans use each platform is the first step in curating the right content for each platform. Now that the team is aware of this information, they may wish to focus more on the players’ personalities, history of the organization, etc. via Facebook and post breaking news, special offers, etc. on Twitter.

Christine Moorman’s full article, “Do Marketers Know What They Want From Social Media?”, can be found here.