EPLThe study, which surveyed 300 avid U.S.-based NFL fans and the same number of avid EPL fans living in the U.K., was conducted in the final weeks of the NFL regular season.  Respondents were asked questions regarding their feelings about their favorite teams, and, according to SBJ’s David Broughton, the resulting data identified EPL fans “to be more passionate about their favorite club and spend more time and money supporting it than U.S.-based NFL avid fans do with their best-loved squad.”

As Bernie Mullin of the Aspire Group described it, “The majority of EPL fans are defined by their support for their team — it’s endemic. Before their religion, before they say they’re married, before they say what they do for a living, before they say anything else, they say, for example in my case: I am an Evertonian. That affinity defines their lifestyle more than anything else.”

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