AmpsWith the growth of technology and social media, fans are interacting more, and to greater degrees, than ever before with their favorite sports and players.  This year, the PGA Championship took that interaction to another level by giving golf fans the opportunity to decide where to place the 15th hole on Sunday’s play of the golf major.  Fans could visit until Saturday, August 10th to choose one of four placements for the 15th hole on the last day of the major championship.  After voting, fans could enter into a sweepstakes, the winner of which will be awarded a travel package to attend the 2014 PGA Championship.

The location closest to the water hazard, “Hole Location C”, dominated, securing 61% of the fan vote.  On the final day of the Championship, it was the 5th-most difficult hole on the course, with players shooting an average of 3.21 on the short par 3.


PGA Hole Locations

Via this initiative, the PGA Championship gave fans more reason to watch Sunday golf.  In the aftermath of the tournament, the question now is: did the fans show?  Measuring how many of the fans who voted in the Pick the Hole Challenge and also watched Sunday at the PGA Championship would be a telling sign of whether the promotion actually produced solid results.  If the PGA Championship was successful in bringing fans to the small screen from the computer/tablet/phone screen via the Pick the Hole Challenge, having fans decide pin placement might just become the next new trend.