Oct. 8ATHENS, OHIO (Oct. 8, 2013) – This fall, Turnkey Intelligence and Ohio University are partnering on a nationwide college football ticket purchaser satisfaction study. More than 100 college football teams will be participating in this groundbreaking initiative.

This research endeavor was developed by Ohio University Center for Sports Administration students and faculty in early Spring 2013 after reading articles concerning the issue of declining attendance and looking at statistics related to attendance versus available stadium capacities in collegiate stadiums.

“We felt we had to educate ourselves thoroughly on the declining attendance issue before we could attack the problem. The only true way to fully educate ourselves was to conduct national research directly related to attendance with each individual collegiate fan base.” – Dan Butterly, Senior Associate Commissioner at the Mountain West Conference, and Adjunct Professor at Ohio University.

The study is believed to be the biggest study of college football fans ever conducted. Currently, member institutions from all ten FBS Conferences have committed to participating. With each institution distributing 5,000 surveys to its fans, respondents could number more than 500,000.

Turnkey_Network_trans_high_res “Turnkey, along with our partners at Paciolan, is thrilled to be working with Ohio University’s Professional MSA program on this study. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to expose so many top schools and universities to our research tools, specifically Surveyor and our just-released research Network. We think the insights collected from this project will be actionable, and truly groundbreaking.” – Len Perna, President & CEO at Turnkey Sports and Entertainment 

Utilizing Turnkey’s Surveyor research platform, Ohio University PMSA students will create individual surveys for each participating institution. The academic study will examine how ticket holders are consuming games, what factors motivate or demotivate attendance, current levels of satisfaction with the in-game experience, and specific enhancements they are looking for in their fan experience.

“Our hope is to provide unprecedented national benchmarking data and key insights that help individual institutions make informed decisions when addressing fan attendance. Being a part of a research project of this magnitude is exactly why I chose the PMSA program at Ohio University.” – Amanda Carmichael, Vice President of Professional Services at Scoutware and current Ohio University PMSA student.

Participating schools will be able to view collected data on online dashboards custom-built by Turnkey Intelligence just one week after the study is closed. Via the dashboards, the cornerstone of Turnkey’s Network, each school will be able to view data specific to its institution, and compare that data to overall FBS averages and baselines from its own conference.

To participate and/or learn more, please contact:

Bill Zachry 

Dan Butterly

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As the first institution in the world to offer a master-level degree in Sports Administration, Ohio University has been a pioneer in the sports administration and business world for nearly 50 years.  Ranked as the top graduate program in the world by Sport Business International for two consecutive years, Ohio continues its mission of producing the top sports business professionals each year.

Offering both a two-year on-campus MBA/MSA program and a 21-month online Professional Master of Sports Administration (PMSA) degree, the Ohio University of Department of Sports Administration recognizes the growing complexity of the sports, facility and entertainment industries, and reinforces Ohio University’s commitment to preparing students for the leadership challenges of the future. Please watch the video below for testimonials from some of the program’s prominent alumni.

Ohio MBA/MSA informational video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKc7jOSrfOE
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