NetsMost marketers and sales teams are well aware of the practice of list purchasing, i.e., buying a list of consumers or businesses to directly market to. However, those marketers may not be aware of the extent to which list purchases can now be customized, or the specific criteria that is currently available when pulling lists.

Here are several creative list purchase concepts Turnkey has helped various clients execute in recent months that may be relevant to your business:

NEW MOVERS: Purchase a list of “new movers”; that is, residents new to your specific metro area, every month. Then, send those individuals a promotional “welcome to the neighborhood” offer, enabling them to attend a game for free or using a BOGO voucher by signing up online. This gives them an opportunity to sample (and, hopefully, get hooked on) your gameday product, and helps grow your database with fresh, valid leads.

YOUTH BIRTHDAYS: Purchase a list of families known to reside in your area and that include children within a certain age range. As part of that list, you can request to receive the birth months and years of the children living in each household (so you’d learn, for example, that the Smiths have two children, one turning 10 in February and one turning 6 in June). Use that information to send birthday party package or video board recognition information to the family at the appropriate time of year, or inform them about a camp or kids club event one of their children is about to “age in” to.

TICKET PURCHASERS: Purchase a list of individuals meeting your “standard fan” demographic criteria (in terms of age, gender, HHI, DII, etc.) who have been identified as highly likely to purchase tickets to concerts, events and/or sports via phone, mail, or the internet, and highly likely to watch sports on TV. Approach these “warm” leads with promotions featuring their “most likely” purchase method (online, phone, etc.).

“LUXURY” SPENDERS: Purchase a list of high net worth/HHI consumers also identified as likely to purchase a luxury car, hold a gold card, or visit a particular high-end store. Consider these leads more likely than the average person to spend on a premium product, and invite them to a suite rental event or club seat promotion.

FREQUENT FLYERS: Purchase a list of consumers identified as likely to be members of specific travel affinity programs (US Airways Dividend Miles Program, Marriott Rewards Program, etc.).  Reach out to them with “road trip” promotions that involve partnerships with their preferred vendors and, potentially, offer discounts or special perks to affinity club members.

“ANNIVERSARY” BUSINESSES: Purchase a list of businesses in your DMA that were first incorporated, say, four years ago. Knowing those businesses’ five-year anniversaries are on the horizon, approach the main contact at each business with an anniversary-themed party or corporate outing concept customized to account for each company’s size (number of employees, annual revenue, etc.) .  

These lists can often be rented at a low cost (we’re talking cents, not dollars, per lead), and are well worth the investment when you compare the dollars spent to money saved by utilizing a more targeted approach. For more information, please contact Emily Huddell, Turnkey’s SVP of Sales & Service, at 856.685.1450.