Happy_Birthday!Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you… here’s 25% off a future ticket purchase!

Everyone appreciates having their birthday recognized, and customers are no different. According to a recent study completed by Fulcrum, almost three quarters of customers felt more positively about a business after receiving a birthday message from that business. Even better: of those who felt more positively, brand loyalty increased in roughly 90%.

Taking “Happy Birthday” messages to the next level and offering some sort of discount further improved positive feelings towards the company from 70% – no discount – to 87% – with a discount. This can have a direct impact on sales. For example, most fans go to a game with someone else. So, if you offer a fan a free ticket to a game during their birthday month, that fan will most likely bring someone else with them to the game (paying for a ticket, parking, concessions, etc.), increasing your sales from that party.

Starbucks has done a great job of utilizing birthday promotions. Customers who enroll in My Starbucks Rewards, in addition to other benefits, receive a free drink or treat on their birthday and a coupon for 15% off a purchase online. Starbucks is increasing loyalty, one birthday and coffee at a time.

If not doing so already, sports teams and entertainment companies should seriously consider sending a message and a discount to its customers. Items such as a ticket discount, merchandise discount, or a special prize at the team store could be offered. If you cannot offer a discount, consider having the players sing Happy Birthday in an e-card, similar to the Holiday e-cards teams send out.

Don’t know your fans’ birthdays?
• Ask fans when they sign up for various clubs and newsletter – be sure to tell them they will get a prize.
• Month and year can be purchase for little cost from data suppliers just like any other data enhancement element. (Turnkey can help you here if needed!)

Birthday messages and discounts are a low cost, low risk way to begin to build positive feelings amongst your fans. Grab your party hat and join in on the fun!

Read the full article, “Consumers appreciate birthday wishes from brands – especially when they include discounts”, here.