As many of you are aware, Turnkey Research offers a project design service, via which we collaborate with our clients to design survey projects on a one-off basis. Turnkey-designed projects are written and programmed by Turnkey following an in-depth consultation with the client, then given to the client to launch and complete. Survey questionnaires for these projects are typically finalized after two (2) draft iterations, and are designed to be completed by respondents in ten (10) minutes.

Starting on Tuesday, June 24, Turnkey began collecting project design requests online. To request a Turnkey-designed project (whether it’s one you purchased in advance or a brand new initiative), simply click here and submit the form. A Turnkey representative will reach out to you directly to discuss next steps.

We hope this new process will make it easier for you and your team to order Turnkey-designed projects on demand. If you have any questions, please call us at 856.685.1450.

Thank you for your continued support!