CNBC has made an announcement that they are not going to use Nielsen any more. CNBC says Nielsen’s figures don’t do a very good job of representing CNBC’s true audience and Nielsen admits it!

What took so long for somebody to stand up to Nielsen? Kudos to CNBC for asserting itself and finally saying what everybody on the planet already knows: Nielsen’s measurement model is a dinosaur! It’s completely rooted in a world that no longer exists.

What are we waiting for in sports? Sports audiences are similar to CNBC’s in the sense that they are also consumers in all sorts of ways, on all sorts of platforms, and in all sorts of places that Nielsen isn’t good at counting. The sport audience is bigger and much more engaged than any other audience with the variety of channels they consume their content from. Our research here continually shows how vital sports are in people’s everyday lives. The leagues and sports networks should use this CNBC announcement as a wakeup call. There’s got to be a better way to measure and value sports consumption! We at Turnkey are game to help slay the Nielsen dragon!