This week’s SportsBusiness Journal has a front page story about concessionaires “going deep” with analytics.

It’s encouraging to see that our industry’s concessionaires are focused on data and analytics. This is a positive development for fans; service and product/prep quality should improve.

What’s missing is a way for teams/venues/events to measure how their own concessionaire rates. For example, how does Kevin Uhlich at the Kansas City Royals know how Aramark rates versus other MLB clubs’ operations/concessionaries? How can Uhlich measure Aramark versus other teams/venues/events in Missouri, or even Kansas City? How about against industry averages?

It’s not possible for any individual concessionaire to deliver customer ratings/benchmarks like this because none of them can see the whole marketplace. But Turnkey can! Turnkey has a research “network” up and running across all pro and college sports (and, soon, entertainment properties). In 2015, we’ll be launching a food service study that any team/venue/event can join to see how their own F&B operation is doing versus all sorts of industry and geographic averages. We go to the real “bosses” – the customers – and ask them.

How do you think concessionaires should be assessed? Reach out to Len on Twitter and let him know what you think!