Today, Forbes announced the top 10 companies in sports to work for. The list includes the D-Backs, Cavs, GMR, OSU, the NFL… and Turnkey! I’m stunned, humbled, appreciative, worried, and a lot of other emotions.

I’m stunned because we’re so insignificant compared with companies like the NFL, so I didn’t think anyone was noticing what we’ve been building. We work so hard to make sure we hire people who share our core values: team work, transparency, honesty, collaboration and a passion for helping our clients’ businesses. We’re NOT here to make money – we’re here to help our clients. Everyone here has to have that in their DNA. Then, we do everything possible to foster, learning, professional and personal development, empowerment, calculated risk-taking and just plain fun.

I’m worried because culture, chemistry and environment are so fragile. Just because we have it going good now doesn’t mean we can rest. Just because we have so little turnover doesn’t mean we can sustain it. I’m always worried about how to improve on what we have.

Grateful, humbled and honored is how I feel about this incredible honor – but still always paranoid!

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