In today’s blog, I chose to highlight a Turnkey client on the social media side of the sports business: Caitlin Moyer, Director of New Media at the Milwaukee Brewers.

Caitlin and Hank

I met Caitlin Moyer last year at the National Sports Forum (NSF), where I learned about her responsibilities with the Brewers. In a nutshell, Moyer is responsible for overseeing all of the Brewers’ digital new media including social media. No two days are alike for Caitlin – one day she could be golfing with the players; the next, she could be working with the bullpen on a Will Smith medley.

In both 2014 and 2015, Moyer and her team won the NSF ADchievement© Awards for Best in Social/Mobile media.

In my conversation with Moyer, we discussed what the Brewers have been up to on the social media side to prepare for the 2015 MLB season, to share her favorite Brewers social media campaign, what advice she has for those looking to break into sports social media, and how she sees social media evolving in the future.

Moyer’s favorite Brewers social media campaign (currently in its second year) is the “Countdown to Opening Day”. The campaign started with Moyer’s team taking pictures of different things that represented the numbers 90 down to 1, i.e., the number of days remaining until Opening Day. Their subjects inlcuded seat numbers, peanuts, and different landmarks and numbers around the Milwaukee.

This year, the team has gotten the fans involved, asking them how they are counting down and turning it into a contest. This has saved the team from having to generate the content, turned the spotlight on the team’s fans, and highlighted how much fans want to engage with the team. “Fans love it,” said Moyer. “In the off-season, everywhere you go, everyone knows how many days there are until Opening Day. Plus, the content itself is highly shareable.”

MB-15_Countdown-600x600-88               MB-15_Countdown-600x600-80               MB-15_Countdown-600x600-56

During our conversation, Moyer offered 3 tips to those looking to work in social media within sports:

1. Take stock of your personal brand. Build an online identity – when someone is going to hire for a social media position, they are going to want to see that you have an online presence.

2. Networking is huge, both in person and via Twitter. Build a social media following, add your insight to what others are saying, write a blog, or contribute to a discussion on LinkedIn. Social media is conversation, so don’t be afraid to engage with others.

3. Keep tabs on what is going on every day – skim sports blogs, news sites and industry related news on a regular basis. Consistently educating yourself (both about the news of the hour and the new positions and fields constantly popping up on the social side of sports business) will help land you a job.

When asked where she saw use social media in sports moving to in the future, Moyer noted that “this generation is made up of people that have grown up using social media. It has become part of the media, and how we consume everything from news, videos, sports and more. People today expect to get what they want when they want it, and social media feeds into that. I think in the future we will see location based technologies playing a bigger role in the sports world.”

To see what else the Brewers are up to this season, follow them on Twitter at @Brewers. And, if you like what you see from blogger Britney Talty, follow her on Twitter for more on social media and millennials in sports.