During the 2014 season, the University of Utah and 39 other college football programs participated in the second year of Turnkey’s FBS Ticket Buyer Surveyor Network study. The goal of this study was to enable FBS programs to learn more about their ticket buyers, identify key attendance drivers and evaluate fan satisfaction with the game experience. Importantly, every institution participating in this study was able to view their program’s data side-by-side with FBS and conference averages, providing rich context and insights.

By participating in the study in both 2013 and 2014, the University of Utah was able to gather data that has been an invaluable asset to the school’s communication and ticket process strategies.

Utah has the very unique problem of increasingly high demand for tickets – the football program has enjoyed consistently high season ticket renewal rates, and is in the midst of a home game sell-out streak that has lasted for the past six seasons. Every year, the athletic department receives many requests for additional season tickets, and more and more fans join the season ticket wait list. Thus, the program’s current challenge is twofold: they must find a way to meet current season ticket holders’ needs, and figure out how to provide ticket packages to wait-listed customers.

Leading into the 2014 season, insights gained from the 2013 Surveyor Network study drove Utah to create more mini-plan options, and revamp the season ticket renewal and distribution timeline. The athletic department also applied learnings from the study into a comprehensive communication strategy to effectively relay important game-day information, parking options, and single game ticket purchase options to customers.

Utah noticed the positive effects of these changes almost immediately – the staff felt decisively that they resulted in both internal improvements and a better fan experience. However, the results of the 2014 Surveyor Network study actually proved that the efforts were effective. In the 2014 data, Utah saw an increase in satisfaction and renewal intent across the board. In addition, the athletic department saw a significant jump in participation in the study from the previous year, indicating that fans are eager to engage with the program any way they can.

“Our fans want to be involved in their ticket buying and game-day experience and Turnkey has given us the platform let them be,” said Siena Walker, Assistant Ticket Manager. “As we build our customer base and implement their feedback, we can rely on the data we receive every year to know our work and the changes we make are fact-based and what our fans want and need. Building this data year to year has become a critical part of our season evaluation and planning and will continue to be utilized in the future.”

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