Turnkey Intelligence’s 4th Annual Sports Data Systems Study assessed attitudes about and usage of technology – specifically relating to CRM, ticketing, dynamic pricing, data enhancement, market research and social media – in sports and entertainment. Respondents provided feedback about technology-related functions and systems tied into their job roles and responsibilities.  

On January 20, 2015, this year’s survey was sent to various respondents across sports and live entertainment. A total of 463 respondents answered at least some questions within survey.  

All of the “Big 5″ leagues were well-represented in the final response set, along with collegiate athletics and performing arts. Specifically:

  • The majority of responses came from employees from the five major leagues (NHL – 20%, NFL – 13%, MLB – 9%, NBA – 7%, MLS – 6%). Performing arts companies and facilities accounted for 25% of responses, followed by collegiate athletics (20%).*
  • The majority of respondents were involved in ticketing (85%) and/or CRM/database management (49%). Responses were also submitted by those whose job responsibilities included social media (28%), market research (26%), sponsorship (20%), and/or fund raising (14%).*

A summary of the study’s key results are below; please click here if you wish to download the full report.

*Respondents were permitted to select more than one response; percentages above when totaled exceed 100%.