What is Meerkat? Is Meerkat the next big thing? Should we be using Meerkat? How?

These are the questions that I am sure many sports teams’ social media departments are pondering right now.

Meerkat is an application specifically designed for Twitter that hit the market this past week and is already making its presence felt on social media. The app allows users to live stream video from their phone or tablet through their Twitter accounts. Only those who follow your account are able to access your live stream. Once you stop the stream, the stream closes and the video disappears and can no longer be viewed or replayed ( similar to how Snapchat works).

Although it is too soon to say if this app will stick around, teams have already begun to experiment with it. The Portland Trailblazers streamed a practice, and the Miami Dolphins gave their followers access to a live stream of a press conference.

As with any other new app that hits the market, the type of content that is pushed out on it is the key to teams’ using Meerkat successfully. I personally think this app will be a creative way for teams to show live streams in short bursts, such as a team warming up prior to a game, a community relations event, or inside look into an individual athlete’s pregame ritual.

Live video streaming itself is not new, but the easy integration with Twitter is the allure of Meerkat. I think this app, as well as the recent purchase of Periscope by Twitter, will be something to watch over the next few months as teams, brands and individuals begin to use more apps (like Meerkat) to create a deeper connection with their fans on social media.

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