The El Paso Chihuahuas, along with forty other Minor League Baseball (MiLB) clubs, participated in Turnkey’s MiLB Ticket Buyer Surveyor Network Study during the 2014 season. The study allowed the Chihuahuas to collect critical insights about their most important customers – their season ticket holders (STH).

Via the study, the Chihuahuas hoped to get a better understanding of their STHs’ demographics, and to identify areas of the STH experience in need of improvement.

Using the qualitative data from the verbatim sections of the study, the Chihuahuas learned that a significant segment of their STHs were either confused about or completely unaware of the benefits they received as season ticket holders. Another major issue uncovered in the study was STHs’ concern with the time it typically took account executives to respond to messages and information requests.

After viewing and analyzing this data on the Network dashboard, the Chihuahuas were able to take immediate action to remedy both issues. The sales team increased their focus on educating STHs on plan benefits and perks, and a policy was put in place to respond to all STH queries quickly. “It became an internal requirement that all messages were returned within 24 hours,” said Jonathan Staub, Manager Analytics and Database Development of the Chihuahuas. “Our increased focus on that element, and better outbound communication in general, has enabled us to move towards exceeding our customers’ expectations, which is our ultimate goal.”

The results of these changes were immediately felt by the sales team – once they began highlighting the benefits of being a STH more effectively, they began selling more plans, and noticing an increase in existing planholders’ satisfaction. They also found that STH were taking greater advantage of their benefits. For example, one of the benefits that STHs were unaware of was their ability to redeem unused tickets for passes to other games. After making a special effort to educate customers on this benefit, the Chihuahuas saw an immediate 300% increase in the redemption rate. By the end of the season, that rate was up more than 700%.

By taking the results from the MiLB Ticket Buyer Network Study and turning them into actions, the Chihuahuas were able to increase fan satisfaction, improve internal productivity, and increase sales of ticket plans.

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