Periscope, a live video streaming app available on iOS purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million in early 2015, allows iPhone users to broadcast live through their phones’ cameras. The viewers of these broadcasts are able to interact with the stream (and the streamer) by sharing messages on the feed, and tapping their own phone’s screen to “post” icons like hearts.

So far, I’ve watched pre-game warm ups for several hockey games on Periscope. The grainy video and choppy audio undersell the game and are, at best, a weak approximation of the in-person experience.

Let’s juxtapose that impression with this: I took my daughter to her first NHL game in December 2014 (Philadelphia Flyers vs the Carolina Hurricanes at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA). I knew that that at her age, a very precocious 5, my window of opportunity to introduce the game I love was short. We ‘borrowed’ seats behind the visitor’s goal for the pre game skate and I saw her eyes light up when the teams took to the ice. As she stood with her face to the glass, Hurricanes captain Eric Staal raced past and bumped boards to startle her. He turned and flashed a wry smile. In that instant, I saw hockey transform from something Daddy watches into the passion we now share.

The team that finds a way to capture that experience using technology like Periscope will open up its brand, and the game itself, to a new world of fans.

For the savvy #sportsbiz professional, there’s an obvious sponsorship opportunity: once the national broadcast goes to commercial, share 30 seconds of sideline footage brought to you by SugarHouse Casino, or an injury update from the locker room sponsored by Novacare, or any other behind-the-scenes glimpse. The possibilities are endless, the costs minimal, and the end product painlessly gives fans what they want more than anything else: access.

As for the Helena, she’s hooked on hockey, with pink Bauer skates and a new favorite team: The New York Riveters.

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