Looking for a new way to engage your fans and generate leads? There exists a feature within Surveyor for precisely this purpose! This feature – the Scoring/Test Tool – flies below the radar of many of clients, even though it can help increase engagement and generate leads.

The Scoring/Test Tool enables users to create a questionnaire that scores respondents on how they answer. This tool has many uses – it’s ideal for internal employee ethics tests, setting up a trivia game for your fans, and more.

An excellent use for this feature is to deploy it on-site at an event, or on game day during the periods when intercept surveys are administered. If you are hosting a Watch Party, for example, you could use this feature to set up a trivia game about your organization, which you could then make accessible to attendees on mobile offline devices. Attendees could submit their names and contact information and then enter the contest. If the venue allows for it, you could display the highest score(s) on a screen as the event progressed so participants could see how they ranked, or who among them attained the top score.

This feature is especially valuable because it has great potential to engage a critically important group: millennial fans. A la “Trivia Crack” (recently named the most downloaded app in the world, according to USA Today), the platform could enable properties to set up friendly competitions among their fans, especially younger ones more apt to participate.

A trivia test is not the only potential use for this tool. Other potential scenarios include:

Employee Ethics Test – Distribute a test that scores employees on ethical decisions they might make when presented with certain situations at work. Use this identify trends, and company policies that may need to addressed or reviewed.

Gameday Staff Policy Test – Use a test to score gameday/volunteer staff on questions that they may be asked during an event. Use the results to identify your most knowledgeable and prepared staffers, and identify areas (and individuals) requiring additional training.

Products/Inventory Test – Test account representatives and other applicable employees to see how knowledgeable they are about products and services being sold. Use the results to tweak your training tactics and/or communication regarding new products.

Season Ticket Holder Benefits Test – Score your STHs on how aware they are of the benefits available to them. Position it as “The Ultimate Season Ticket Holder Test” to create competition amongst STHs, reward the high scorers, and use the results to modify how you communicate about certain benefits.

For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please click here. Good luck, and happy testing!