For the past year and a half, Turnkey has been conducting ticket buyer satisfaction surveys across numerous teams and leagues through Turnkey’s Surveyor Network. Throughout the running of these studies across 171 professional and college sports teams, one simple component has continually emerged as a major indicator of season ticket holder satisfaction, and that’s whether or not a season ticket holder has a specific ticket representative to contact when questions arise.

This factor consistently impacts the STH’s overall satisfaction, no matter what team he or she holds tickets for.

As shown above, season ticket holders who have no idea who to contact if they have a question have a significantly lower satisfaction rating than those who have a specific ticket representative to contact (or at least know a number to call).

While 8% of a season ticket holder base may not seem like much when it comes to not knowing who to reach out to, it can add up quickly. For example, if an organization has 5,000 STHs and 8% don’t know who to reach out to, that’s 400 accounts that probably aren’t as satisfied as they could be. When it comes time for renewals, that’s a lot of at-risk accounts to manage.

Through the Surveyor Network (or any survey conducted through Turnkey’s Surveyor platform), organizations have the ability to track responses back to an individual account ID or email address. So, after asking these two simple questions, organizations can easily identify which STHs are unaware of who to reach out to. From there, Turnkey recommends having a ticket representative reach out to those STHs, and/or send out a targeted email campaign to make them aware that someone at the organization is easily available to them should they have any questions.

Asking these two simple questions is a pretty simple exercise that your organization can conduct to ensure maximum STH satisfaction.

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