Today, you can use your phone to swipe right and find a date, order groceries to be delivered to your doorstep, send selfies to your friends, order an Uber or Lyft, and even repay your friend for buying you dinner last night.

In its continuing quest to find the perfect niche in this ever-evolving space, the sports and entertainment industry recently unveiled its latest offering: ReplyBuy.

The ReplyBuy platform plays right into today’s on-demand society, where everything is simple and can be done with a touch of a button. The platform allows sports fans to purchase tickets by simply replying to a text message. The concept is simple: you create an account online, or text in to become a member, and set up your payment information and team preferences. The company will then send you a text when tickets become available that includes the prices of the tickets, with no hidden fees. If you wish to attend the game, simply reply to the text with “Buy” and how many tickets you want, and the tickets are instantly sent to your phone.

By sending out notifications the day before or day of an event, this platform targets fans who want to attend but can’t always commit to buying tickets months or weeks in advance. I think this platform will also benefit the traveling professional, who can now take in a sporting event at a decent price when on the road for business with a few hours to kill.

As the popularity of ReplyBuy grows, teams both in the professional sports space and college athletics are partnering with ReplyBuy to sell unsold tickets. As the company continues to expand, I will be following along to see if this is the new way single game buyers and maybe even season ticket holders will purchase their tickets in the future. Will ReplyBy become the place teams go to sell their tickets, or emerge as major competition for sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial?

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