Yesterday morning, I noticed a tweet from Dan Migala lauding a recent San Diego Padres sales team promotion announcement.

The announcement is awesome – give it a read if you have sixty seconds. It’s specific – including both promoted employees’ sales numbers – and fun, sharing information about each person’s favorites (favorite athlete, favorite childhood TV show, etc.). It also mentions how many other promotions have occurred in the department in 2015, includes an on-field (or, more specifically, on-dugout) photo of the promoted employees, and casually references two weekly awards given out by the Padres sales department.

I think this approach is really smart. It recognizes the sales people for a job well done, and specifically cites what they did to receive the promotions. This makes it clear they were deserved, and gives their colleagues precise targets to shoot for. It’s also fun, giving the reader a sense of each individual’s personality. Finally, it casts the Padres in a good light: reading the piece, I got the sense that the Padres appreciate their employees, and are in the habit of recognizing and rewarding good work.

In my opinion, all businesses should use similar tactics when announcing good news. Too often, individuals’ workplace accomplishments go unrecognized. I also think it’s common for employees not to know exactly what they should do to move up the ladder (esp. in non-sales positions). Seeing promoted employees’ accomplishments actually spelled out may provide some needed clarity for those employees’ colleagues (and help demonstrate that the promotions were warranted).

At Turnkey, I’ll (embarrassingly) admit to letting some promotions passed unnoticed. Those we do think to call out are noted in a fairly standard press release and SBJ/SBD announcement. We do have a “wins” email that gets distributed to the entire company each month, but that’s internal, not public. After seeing the Padres announcement, I’m going to try to step up Turnkey’s personnel announcement game moving forward. Our staff members are doing great things – why not share them with the world? (Or at least the sports business universe.)

How does your company share good news? Take to twitter to tell us your creative ideas and policies – we’d love to hear them!