Often, it seems like what I eat has a direct effect on my feelings. Why I am I telling you this? Bear with me…

Over time, I’ve seen from gameday experience surveys that the classic line – “hot dogs always taste better when the team wins” – is true. However, nowadays, it seems as though the average hot dogs, chicken tenders, peanuts and hamburgers are too plain and boring for American fans. Game attendees are looking for new and exciting food options when visiting ballparks (and other sporting venues). I have heard a lot lately about new, interesting food combinations now available at minor and major league ballparks across America, which makes me wonder: is this the concessionaires’ and organizations’ way of getting us to leave the venue with positive feelings, even if our team loses?

Some of the more interesting food combinations I’ve read about include s’mores dipped bacon (!), a breaded chicken waffle sandwich, a churro dog and the “Way Back Triple, Triple Burger”. The number of calories in the burger? 2,200! That’s more than the average number of calories one person should consume throughout an entire day! But I digress. As planned, many of these items are creating a buzz around the ballpark and on social media, enticing individuals to go to games just to try them.

Nevertheless, I find it kind of ironic that sports venues hosting professional athletes in tip-top physical shape are offering average Americans such horrifically, unhealthy food options. Yes, clubs offer healthy food options too… but let’s face it, a custard donut sandwich sounds more enjoyable than a salad to most fans enjoying a live baseball game. Plus, in my experience, the healthy food options are harder to find, not as well advertised, and pricier than their junkier alternatives.

It seems that over the years, sports events and unhealthy eating have become synonymous. Does it have to be this way?  If we want to keep watching and playing sports ourselves for many years to come, we should think twice about what we are eating. The next time you are at the ballpark (or any sporting event), I’d encourage you to seek out the healthy options available. Let’s prove to clubs across the nation that it doesn’t take a 2,000 calorie extravaganza to have a fun, positive day at the ballpark!