I recently passed my 10-year anniversary with Turnkey Intelligence. Sadly, that is considered a long time to be with one company in today’s world. During my tenure here, Turnkey’s products, services and business model have changed dramatically. The drivers for these changes have always been our anticipation of client needs.

Originally, our niche was custom market research services, and our relationships were mostly retainer-based. However, as client capabilities have increased and changes in technology continue to occur seemingly overnight, Turnkey’s entire suite of research and data enhancement products have become a central focus of our client relationships.

With close to 200 different clients and 600 users (professional sports teams, league offices, collegiate athletic departments, performing arts centers, minor league properties, etc.), you can imagine the wide spectrum of needs, resources and capabilities we encounter each day. Because of this, we’re constantly asking ourselves: how can we better position our products to ease the pains we hear from clients on a regular basis? How can users at all levels experience the benefits of being part of the largest market research and data analytics network in the sports and entertainment industry?

On September 16, 2015, the Turnkey Intelligence Audience Portal was officially launched. Via the Portal, we have created one platform to be home to all Turnkey Intelligence products, including Surveyor, Prospector, the Surveyor Network, ListMaker and others. What’s more, that platform is built to scale when new products emerge and/or client needs change.

In addition to the consolidation of all Turnkey products, the Portal offers several new features to improve the user experience, including:

Single Sign On

In the past, users of multiple Turnkey products had to log into each system separately, but no longer! Simplifying this process and accessing all Turnkey products through the Portal seemed like a logical (and easy) step to make our users’ lives easier.

New Data Integration Application

Integration between Turnkey products and external systems is a key component of the Audience Portal. Turnkey’s products tend to be viewed as data sources, and most clients desire to have our products integrated with a data warehouse, CRM system, fan loyalty platform, marketing automation system and/or other platform. Automating the transmission of that data to other systems is a basic requirement. FilePort, a new client-facing data delivery application housed in the Portal, simplifies the process of getting data to and from any of the Turnkey products, a critical requirement in today’s world.

It makes sense to have all of our products cohesively embedded within one platform, especially one that’s built to grow as our clients’ needs change. On that note, we will continue to vet other systems and data sources that could potentially reside within the Portal, or be connected through a data integration relationship.

Turnkey’s ongoing mission is to enhance the value of being a Portal licensee. Our goal is to ensure that, by using the Portal, our users gain access to a network of products and tools that will connect them to relevant and valuable industry metrics, simplify their lives on a day to day basis, and help turn data into actions.

If you have not yet seen our short video summarizing the release of the Turnkey Intelligence Audience Portal please check it out.

If you would like to learn more about the Portal, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

Chat with Turnkey Intelligence President Haynes Hendrickson on twitter, or shoot him an email to let him know what you think of the Portal.