In its final month before the launch of the Audience Portal, Turnkey Intelligence (TI) signed 18 clients to the company’s core platforms: Surveyor, the Surveyor Network and Prospector:

Arizona State University (Prospector)
Boise State University (Surveyor Network)
Buffalo Sabres (Surveyor Renewal)
Charlotte Hornets (Surveyor Renewal)
Columbus Blue Jackets (Surveyor)
Denver Broncos (Surveyor Renewal)
Hamilton Bulldogs (Surveyor Renewal)
MLS League Office (Surveyor)
Oakland Raiders (Surveyor Renewal)
Old Dominion University (Surveyor)
Oregon State University (Surveyor Network)
San Francisco 49ers (Surveyor Renewal)
San Jose Sharks (Surveyor and Prospector)
University of Arizona (Surveyor)
University of Iowa (Surveyor Network)
University of South Carolina (Prospector)
University of South Florida (Surveyor Network)

In mid-September 2015, TI is scheduled to launch the Audience Portal, an online sales and marketing hub containing multiple data and analytics tools, including all three of the company’s core platforms. From that point on, the Audience Portal will be Turnkey clients’ one-stop shop for resources to facilitate smarter sales and marketing.

TI also had a busy month on the research side, conducting custom projects for clients including AEG, the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Bears, the Kansas City Royals, the NHRA, the Naval Academy, the TCS NYC Marathon and the US (Tennis) Open.


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