Turnkey has built predictive custom scoring models for many of teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. To build these models, we collect various demographic, financial and behavior elements about each property’s customers – both season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders. We can use that information to profile various customer segments for marketing purposes… and interesting blog posts! As such, behold some interesting – and, potentially, never before seen – insights comparing the four leagues’ ticket holders.

First, the average age of a season ticket holder is moderately different between the four leagues. For MLB, which has the oldest average age at 52, fans tend to cluster in a relatively small age bracket (many are between 48 and 56), while the NBA, which has the lowest average age at 44, has a pretty equal distribution of season tickets holders from 54 to as young as 28. The NHL and NFL’s average season ticket holder ages are 46 and 49, respectively.

The presence of children under 18 living in the households of season ticket holders are a little more consistent between leagues, though there is still a bit of a difference between the low extreme end (about 51% of MLB STH households have children living at home) and the high extreme end (about 60% of NBA STH households include children living at home).

Education level is also similar across the leagues: 24% to 30% of season ticket holders have graduate-level degrees. Again, MLB is at the high end and the NBA on the low end, with the NFL and NHL being very similar in the middle.

Regarding household income, MLB and NFL season ticket holders are very similar, with about 32% of each making $125,000 or more annually and averaging $95,000 and $97,000 per year, respectively.

We start seeing the greatest discrepancies between the leagues when examining the distance travelled to get to the stadium. NFL season ticket holders travel by far the furthest on average, at 29.1 miles. MLB is next at 19.4, with NHL and NBA coming in similarly at 17.9 and 17.3, respectively. In MLB, the NBA and the NHL, at least 65% of season ticket holders live within 20 miles of the venue, and nearly 45% of NBA season ticket holders live within 10 miles. Almost 60% of NFL season ticket holders live over 20 miles away.

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