Ah, renewal season. The process should be relatively straightforward – after all, someone who is used to investing their money and time with an organization should be a pretty quick and easy re-sale, right?

Unfortunately, not always. As many ticket sales reps will tell you, the process of connecting with current buyers to renew packages can often times be extremely difficult, despite the special offers and incentives offered to those who commit early. For this reason, properties are getting more and more creative with their renewal campaigns and promotions.

For example, DC United’s Fan Services Team put together a video encourage their season ticket holders to renew. Capitalizing on the rampant success of Adele’s “Hello”, and the song’s many parody versions, DC United did a great job of creating something attention-grabbing, humorous, and endearing – all great attributes to employ when trying to catch a customer’s attention in a positive way. The Jacksonville Jaguars take a different approach with their premium account renewal process, and it’s delicious: if an account executive can’t get a return call from a customer, the Jaguars will create a custom cake with a picture of the sales rep’s face on it and have it sent to the account holder. It’s a little less invasive than an in-person drop-in, but certainly would catch my attention and remind me that I owe them a call-back if I were on the receiving end!

Since not every property can spend money on custom baked goods, here’s a lower cost (but still clever) outreach strategy: send non-responders a team branded Whoopee cushion with a note reading “Whoopee! Time to renew!” Small, humorous gestures like this can really resonate. Sure, they may be silly or cheesy, but are harder for the recipient to ignore than a standard paper mailer or generic email.

Incentives for renewing early and added benefits are great, but can become stale year after year. Plus, there are only so many new perks that can be added to a ticket package. It’s possible that a lighthearted but memorable approach like DC United’s video or Jacksonville’s cakes may put your ticket buyers in a positive state of mind, and make them more likely to sign on the dotted line (and the send along that check).

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