As you may know, Turnkey Intel’s Surveyor Network is centered around the concept of teams being able to collect and compare their own survey data to competitive set and league-wide averages throughout the season. Teams also have the ability to splice data utilizing numerous filters.

Last year, two key Network modifications were put in place. First, instead of having one survey that addressed both season ticket holders AND the game day experience in detail, we split the survey into two concise, singularly focused surveys. Our other change was to add the ability for participants to compare their data to DMA/Regional averages across leagues. Both of these changes had significant positive impacts on the Surveyor Network user experience.

As Turnkey Intelligence prepares to launch the third annual installment of the MLB Surveyor Network, here’s a look at several new items on tap for the 2016 study:

Entering the 2016 season, we elected to keep the majority of survey questions unchanged, enabling participating clubs to begin recognizing longitudinal year-over-year trends. We did, however, modify several of our demographic questions to be more inclusive and comprehensive, adding a sexual orientation question and introducing more inclusive answer options to our gender question. We have also added an avidity question to the Gameday Experience survey, giving clubs another mechanism through which to segment fans.

Perhaps most useful to participating clubs will be the revisions we’re making to the Network dashboards themselves – that is, the online screens displaying teams’ results side by side with relevant comparative data sets. The new screens will be sleek and packed with information, making them even more valuable to our users than the current dashboards.

It’s always exciting to see how clubs utilize Network data (and then build on it with custom research plans), and have a first-person view of how both club-specific and league-wide metrics trend over time. We anticipate this year of the MLB Surveyor Network will be the best yet, and can’t wait to see what insights emerge as teams begin implementing their Network surveys.

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