Turnkey Intelligence’s 5th Annual Sports Data Systems Survey measured respondent attitudes toward and usage of technology pertaining to CRM/Database management, ticketing and market research. Respondents (sports and entertainment professionals with relevant experience) answered questions about these topics, and various functions and technology contingent on their job roles.

The survey was fielded from December 2, 2015 through January 22, 2016. The distribution of the survey was assisted by Paciolan, Ticketmaster, Tickets.com, MLS, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL. A total of 468 respondents started the survey. All of the “Big 5” leagues were well-represented in the final response set, along with collegiate athletics and performing arts.

Nearly half the respondents came from employees from the five major leagues (NFL – 14%, NHL – 10%, NBA – 10%, MLB – 8%, MLS – 6%). Collegiate athletics accounted for 34% of all responses collected, followed by Performing Arts (10%). The remaining respondents worked at other leagues (13%), MiLB (3%) and/or were not employed by any of these leagues (3%).*

Respondents were mainly involved in ticketing (81%) and/or CRM / Database management (52%). One-third of respondents (32%) had a role in market research. 6% of respondents’ responsibilities were not centered on any of these three functions.*

A summary of the study’s key results are below. To view the percentages on each chart, hover over the relevant row or column.

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*Respondents were permitted to select more than one response; percentages above when totaled exceed 100%.

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