Turnkey Intelligence is pleased to announce the signing/renewal of 16 clients in April 2016:

Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment (Audience Portal Renewal)
Chicago Bears (Surveyor Renewal)
Cleveland Indians (Surveyor Network)
Jacksonville Jaguars (Audience Portal Renewal & Data)
James Madison University (Data)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Surveyor Network)
MetLife Stadium (Surveyor Renewal)
Minnesota Twins (Custom Project)
Philadelphia Union (Prospector & Surveyor Network)
Philadelphia Phillies (Surveyor Renewal)
Playhouse Square (Data)
San Francisco Giants (Surveyor Network)
Tampa Bay Rays (Custom Project)
University of Colorado (Data)
University of Utah (Audience Portal)
Wake Forest University (Data)

“Q2 started very strong for Turnkey Intel,” said TI President Haynes Hendrickson. “We look forward to building out our pipeline with new business in the coming months, and providing the best service possible to our current clients.”

Turnkey’s research department has also been busy, working on custom projects for clients including the New York Jets, New York Road Runners and Philadelphia Eagles. The group also recently published a recap of the Washington Redskins’ utilization of the NFL’s annual Voice of the Fan Study in both 2014 and 2015. For several years, Turnkey has partnered with the NFL to facilitate the study, which is designed to monitor the game day experience across all 32 NFL clubs. After ranking last in a variety of categories in 2014, the Redskins took fans’ concerns into consideration and focused on improving parking, Wi-Fi access and game day entertainment. Consequently, the 2015 study results displayed the success of the team’s initiatives with improved satisfaction ratings. For more on this process, please click here.


Turnkey Sports & Entertainment is the holding company that owns and operates Turnkey Search, the industry’s leading executive search firm, and also Turnkey Intelligence, the industry’s leading consumer intelligence firm. For more information about Turnkey Sports & Entertainment, visit www.TurnkeySE.com.

Turnkey Intelligence is the creator of the Audience Portal, the sports and entertainment industry’s online data and analytics hub. Over 220 clients utilize the Portal to sell and market smarter. TI is also home to a custom research department that has conducted and analyzed more than 500 studies for sports and entertainment’s top leagues, properties, brands and events. For more information about Turnkey Intelligence, visit Intel.TurnkeySE.com.

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For more information, contact:

Emily Huddell
Turnkey Sports & Entertainment