Almost 1 year ago, Turnkey’s own Patrick Kuhlen wrote about a Twitter-owned app called Periscope that was taking the world by storm. It had many in our industry worried about fans broadcasting protected content by enabling anyone with a smartphone to broadcast live video to the world.

While Periscope changed the game, since then, opportunities for fans to share live experiences have multiplied. For example, Facebook has gotten into the game with their new Facebook Live feature. You may have already noticed the “Go Live on Facebook” button in the Android and iOS apps. Facebook has even made available a FB Live API so developers can stream live videos from any app or device (think drones).

At this year’s F8 (Facebook’s Developer Conference), Facebook introduced LIVE by featuring a partnership with the innovative Mevo camera. This camera promises to be amazing. Really more of a lightweight production studio than a camera, it allows you to simulate and cut to multiple camera angles, making your live videos dynamic and professional:

Whenever new personal broadcasting technology emerges, it’s often coupled with a reasonable amount of fear that licensed and protected content can be violated and “stolen”. On the other hand, it allows for unexpected new possibilities for fans to share a bit of their live experiences with those who are not present. Properties would be wise to focus on that perspective: people have a desire to share, so it’s up to live event producers to encourage (and benefit from) that by providing strategic ways to create sharable moments. Sharing can lead to newly developed fans, new ticket buyers and attendees, and ultimately new promoters.