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Prospector Enhancements: Increasing Efficiency, Adding Functionality

At its core, Prospector is a record enhancement platform designed to improve sales and enable extremely targeted marketing. Turnkey’s recent release of enhancements were built to support those goals by simplifying and adding value to the Prospector user experience. The platform’s new and improved capabilities give users the ability to:

  • Rename lists
  • Add a time to a recurring search schedule
  • Search prospects based on a list of zip codes
  • Duplicate and delete search jobs

Introducing Dataport

Dataport is the newest Audience Portal application. It was built to enable simple (yet robust) data transfers both within the Audience Portal and to/from the Portal and a variety of outside platforms (data warehouses, CRM systems, etc.). All Portal users now have access to Dataport, and can use it to:

  • Create highly customized data exports from both Surveyor and Formstack
  • Easily export data from and import data to Prospector and FTP sites
  • Email links to generated data to other Audience Portal users on your account

DataPort Portal

To learn more about the nuts and bolts of DataPort, including how to create customized Surveyor exports, we encourage you to view our Release Documentation, or simply contact us.


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