According to an in-depth study on fan experience published by Oracle Hospitality and conducted in conjunction with Turnkey Intelligence, “More than 40% of sports fans worldwide abandoned concession lines in the past 12 months—without making a purchase—because of excessive waiting.”

The study, which involved more than 3,500 sports fans in eight countries, measured the importance of food and beverage to the overall fan experience, and identified specific pain points and potential technological solutions to improve the situation for fans, properties and venues. Oracle’s ultimate goal in conducting the study was “to help solve venue operators’ biggest challenges.”

“The live event experience continues to be the optimal method of consuming entertainment,” said Haynes Hendrickson, President of Turnkey Intelligence. “We have found that technology can positively impact the event experience and the bottom line of a venue. By embarking on this research study with Turnkey Intelligence, Oracle has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in our industry.”

To view study results and findings, please click here.