By Demi Staluppi

In July of 2016, Turnkey Intelligence released a package of updates and enhancements to Surveyor, the Audience Portal’s DIY research platform. Technical details on the new features can be found here, but just in case you’re short on time, here’s our rundown of four of the release’s top enhancements, and what they’ll mean to our users in practice.

Feature: Image Upload Question

Face it: we live in a world of pictures and selfies. If you didn’t grab a picture or check-in at the game or concert you went to, it didn’t happen. But fear not: Surveyor’s prepared to help you keep up with the times, thanks to one of our newest features: the Image Upload Question.

How it Works: The image upload question is located in the content section of Surveyor (just like any other question). A survey respondent can upload a photo as a response to a question from his/her device, either by snapping a photo in the moment or selecting an image from their device’s gallery. Keep in mind, though, that this feature currently only applies for surveys that have modern rendering.

Features: Image Tag Cloud, Image Slideshow, Images Section

Uploading photos is great, but what does that mean for you from a reporting and analysis standpoint? Surveyor’s got you covered there too, with the Image Tag Cloud, Image Slideshow, and Images Section.

How it Works: Via the image tag cloud, survey participants can add text descriptions when uploading their photo. The tag cloud feature then groups all of the tags in a word cloud that can be filtered by other survey questions.

The image slideshow feature then – you guessed it – can provide a slideshow of the uploaded images, which can be filtered by survey question(s).

If you prefer a broader view, head to the images section located on the Analyze tab. This section allows you to view all images collected in one place. Here, you can delete photos you don’t want, or rate photos from 1-5 stars.

How can you put these features into play? Consider a selfie contest on a game day or theme night. You could also employ the feature when asking event attendees about especially positive – or negative – on-site experience. Actually seeing photos of say, grinning ushers, happy kids hugging mascots, or fantastic concessions offerings (or, on the flip side, long lines or concourse messes) may help illustrate customer compliments and complaints better than a spreadsheet of survey data.

Using these four new features together enables Surveyor users to enhance the overall survey experience, making it more fun, engaging and personal. It facilitates a better connection with the participant, while at the same time providing rich contextual insights into customers’ experiences. These features will help you peek into participants’ lifestyles and better understand their connections with your brand, which is invaluable from a consumer research POV.