As the Surveyor platform has undergone quite the face lift over the past few years, you may be missing out on one of the platform’s newer features: modern survey themes. A modern theme is the newest theme type the platform offers, and it functions way better than classic survey themes.

Here’s why:

Classic survey themes were built to use static content. Via a “My way or the highway” approach, they offer a fixed design structure with limited flexibility. To edit the look and feel of a classic-themed survey, you have to be quite the expert in JavaScript so you know what to do when something like this pops up:

What do you do if you’re not a JavaScript guru? Have no fear, modern themes are here!

Modern survey themes were built for dynamic content. Thanks to their incorporation of Twitter Bootstrap, one of the leading responsive web content frameworks, modern survey themes use a responsive design, making them compatible with multiple devices and different screen sizes. Modern-themed surveys are much more user-friendly in terms of editing the look and feel – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to navigate the menu. Use the “look and feel” tab of a modern survey theme to tweak the appearance of your theme – from the menu, make edits to your font type, font size, survey colors, button colors, logos and more.

If you’re currently using a classic theme and want to make the switch to modern, go to the formatting tab in the survey designer. Change your theme to a modern theme and then select modern rendering.

Classic themes were designed to work with classic rendering, while modern themes are designed to work with – surprise! – modern rendering. Mixing classic themes with modern rendering or vice versa will leave you with less than optimal results. Moral of the story: keep it modern.