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The New Perceptual Map

When one thinks of a perceptual map, the image of brands laid on a grid of quadrants usually springs to mind. Only in a bizarre dream might the chart instead contain a dozen axes, varying in length, radiating in seemingly random directions from the origin. But this is not a dream, these are the perceptual maps of modern market research.

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Taking Research to the Next Level with Surveyor Images

In July of 2016, Turnkey Intelligence released a package of updates and enhancements to Surveyor, the Audience Portal's DIY research platform. Technical details on the new features can be found here, but just in case you're short on time, here's our rundown of four of the release's top enhancements, and what they'll mean to our users in practice. Read more...

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SportsBiz Embraces Emoji

As marketers will tell you, millennials are a tough group to reach these days - with very short attention spans and phones glued to their hands, they can be extremely difficult to connect with. For that reason, brands are willing to jump on the most current trends to get their attention. One tactic we're seeing a lot of these days focuses on the sticker-like smiley faces taking over Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to the world of emoji! Read more...

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Students, Athletic Departments Working Together to Spotlight Voices

Only a small percentage of NCAA student-athletes will become professional athletes and, due to NCAA regulations, those athletes cannot be paid for their efforts on the playing field (or be compensated for any endorsements). This being the case, how can these students make themselves more marketable to potential professional organizations (and sponsors)? How can they get their voices heard?

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Sloan 2016: An Analyst’s Recap

In early March, Turnkey attended the annual MIT Sloan Analytics Convention in Boston. Highlighting some of the large analytical and fan-centric panels were most of the usual familiar faces including Daryl Morey, Nate Silver and Jonathan Kraft. This being the 10th anniversary of the conference, many of the event's large panels focused on the origins of the conference, and how it - and sports analytics - have evolved over the past 10 years. Read more...

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Using Data to Differentiate Between “Big 4” Fans

Turnkey has built predictive custom scoring models for many of teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. To build these models, we collect various demographic, financial and behavior elements about each property’s customers for marketing purposes… and interesting blog posts! As such, behold some interesting – and never before seen – insights comparing NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB ticket holders. Read more...

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Growing the Fan Base for Women’s Sports

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the SportsBusiness Journal’s Game Changers Conference. This annual event focuses on the intersection of women and sports. Overall, the conference was excellent, but I want to focus on a topic that came up in the middle of the day: why women’s sports struggle so much, and how to grow them. Read more...

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Are Sports Missing the Mark With Women’s Apparel?

I have a theory that the merchandisers who design and sell fan apparel – including jerseys, shirtseys, and all other clothing – do not understand their female customers. Teams and merchandisers appear to think that female customers spend less than men because they are not interested in sports merchandise, when it seems to me it is a problem of not offering products female customers want to buy. Read more...

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Serving Multiple Segments: How To Simultaneously Appeal To Different Fan Groups

It seems to me that there are a few common types of fans that attend sporting events: traditionalist die-hards, new-age die-hards, families, and casual fans. These segments are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but each group has distinct preferences. Despite that, I believe there are a few simple ways teams and properties could do a better job appeasing the needs of these different fans without annoying the other groups. Read more...

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