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Facebook, Mevo Latest to Help Fans Share Live Experiences

Almost 1 year ago, Turnkey wrote about Periscope, which had many in our industry worried about fans broadcasting protected content by enabling anyone with a smartphone to broadcast live video to the world. Since then, opportunities for fans to share live experiences have multiplied. For example, Facebook has gotten into the game with their new Facebook Live feature. Read more...

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New Audience Portal Support Feature Announced

If you are a member of the Turnkey Intelligence Audience Portal, then you know you have access to several tools and products that help make you stronger at sales and marketing. Each of these tools is sophisticated, feature-rich, and takes some time to master, but (hopefully) you know we are here to assist! Today, we're announcing a new, faster and efficient way to ask us for help. Read more...

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The Trouble with APIs and a Turnkey Solution

Most vendors tend to focus on providing flexible APIs which allow other vendors to develop custom solutions against their platform. In theory, this solves the problem - "Yes, you may have your data. Please help yourself to our API." Unfortunately, this leaves the client with a lot of work. Who is going to implement these "techie" APIs? How much is that going to cost? how long will that take? Which vendor is responsible for the heavy lifting? The API answer always falls a little bit short of client expectations... which is why Turnkey Intel moved away from pushing clients to our own API and towards DataPort. Read more...

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The Apple Announcement

As a self-admitted Apple fan-boy, I was eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest product announcement made by Tim Cook this September. Rumor had it that Apple planned to unveil its first wearable device. The idea excited me, mostly because I had no idea why I might want or need one. Hopefully Apple would let me know...

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