Using Modern Survey Themes to Increase Compatibility

As the Surveyor platform has undergone quite the face lift over the past few years, you may be missing out on one of the platform’s newer features: modern survey themes. A modern theme is the newest theme type the platform offers, and it functions way better than classic survey themes. Here's why:

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It’s OK. You Can Take the Touchback.

In recent years, the NFL has taken steps to make the game safer. One such attempt went into effect this year: on kickoffs, the return team is now awarded the ball at the 25-yard line instead of the 20-yard line when a touchback occurs. Read more...

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Showing Fans That You Care

It seems rare these days that a sports fan attends a game and leaves saying, “that met 100% of my expectations”. Personally, I find myself nitpicking at details that could use improvement when I attend a game, regardless of team performance. With an increasing number of channels available for feedback, it is important for fans to voice their opinion. It’s what happens next that can make fans feel appreciated.

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The New Perceptual Map

When one thinks of a perceptual map, the image of brands laid on a grid of quadrants usually springs to mind. Only in a bizarre dream might the chart instead contain a dozen axes, varying in length, radiating in seemingly random directions from the origin. But this is not a dream, these are the perceptual maps of modern market research.

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Keeping Surveys Focused

Respondent fatigue has always been an issue in market research. And as online surveys become more common with the increasing percentage of people taking surveys on their mobile phones, it’s more important than ever. If a survey is too long, respondents will eventually give up or answer questions as quickly as possible without paying attention. Market research relies on getting valid data from engaged respondents, so respondent fatigue should be avoided as much as possible. However, keeping surveys short is sometimes easier said than done.

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The Hunger Game

As my family and friends know, if I’m hungry, I need to eat soon. So, I was surprised when we found that 45% of fans abandoned concession lines at least once in the past year because the line was too long. Meanwhile, my husband would rather wait a couple hours to eat instead of missing the game. His sentimentality would fall into the equally as popular segment of people who choose not to even try visiting the concession stand.

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Bad Data In Yields Bad Data Out

Ultimately, what goes in must come out, and that includes data. When manually importing leads into Prospector in order to receive hygiene, appends, or scores, it is not only important to make sure your file and its data are formatted correctly, but also that the data is as clean as possible.

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The Financial Impact of Olympic (Mis)Behavior

The performances of Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Usain Bolt captivated the minds and emotions of event attendees and TV viewers across the world, and garnered those athletes more than just medals: their achievements will undoubtedly lead to enormous corporate endorsement from leading brands like Gatorade, Speedo and Under Armour, just to name a few. Read more...

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