Adding Value to the F&B Experience

The food and beverage experience is by far the lowest rated element across leagues when examining the overall gameday experience. As teams continue to evaluate vendors and options for improving F&B, we are going to take a look at the most impactful sub-attributes of the food experience in the NFL for the 2016 season...

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Featured Spotlight: Quadrant Analysis

When a Turnkey client participates in a Surveyor Network study, that client is given access to a dynamic, real-time dashboard that depicts collected data in a sophisticated - but digestible - manner. Metrics shown on the dashboards include overall mean scores of different gameday or season ticket member aspects, net promoter score, renewal intent and attendee profile/demographic information. The information provided enables clients to view their team or organization’s data, and directly compare it against league and DMA averages.

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Activation at Super Bowl LI

Getting a first-hand look at the one-on-one engagement brands enjoyed with NFL fans at Super LI in Houston reminded me of my days at Momentum Worldwide working on the U.S. Army account and others. A truism that hasn't changed since that time: brands' ability to carefully engage with fans and consumers in an inviting and playful fashion is key. Read more...

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Using Modern Survey Themes to Increase Compatibility

As the Surveyor platform has undergone quite the face lift over the past few years, you may be missing out on one of the platform’s newer features: modern survey themes. A modern theme is the newest theme type the platform offers, and it functions way better than classic survey themes. Here's why:

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It’s OK. You Can Take the Touchback.

In recent years, the NFL has taken steps to make the game safer. One such attempt went into effect this year: on kickoffs, the return team is now awarded the ball at the 25-yard line instead of the 20-yard line when a touchback occurs. Read more...

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Showing Fans That You Care

It seems rare these days that a sports fan attends a game and leaves saying, “that met 100% of my expectations”. Personally, I find myself nitpicking at details that could use improvement when I attend a game, regardless of team performance. With an increasing number of channels available for feedback, it is important for fans to voice their opinion. It’s what happens next that can make fans feel appreciated.

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The New Perceptual Map

When one thinks of a perceptual map, the image of brands laid on a grid of quadrants usually springs to mind. Only in a bizarre dream might the chart instead contain a dozen axes, varying in length, radiating in seemingly random directions from the origin. But this is not a dream, these are the perceptual maps of modern market research.

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