Predictive Analytics:  Lead Scoring & Customer Retention

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If you want to predict who will buy your products, you need a look-alike scoring model custom-tailored to your current customers.  Turnkey is the only company in sports & entertainment that delivers 100% custom-designed, tested and proven scoring models. Our models are the most predictive, and the most accurate – nobody else comes close.

Priority Model: Analyzes how much a prospect resembles your current buyers.

Capacity Model: Predicts how much money a prospect has to spend on discretionary products like season tickets.

Retention Model ($7,500/model): Identifies your current customers’ likelihood to renew throughout the year.

*Only applicable to clients wishing to access data through Prospector.

Lead Scoring Models

$2,400/model, plus monthly Prospector* + per record fees
  • Expert Diagnostic Consult
  • Organize & Scrub Current Customer Data Files
  • Analyze & Prep Current Customer Data Files
  • Rigorous Multi-Round Model Testing & Tuning
  • 100% Custom Designed SVM Algorithm or CHAID TREE Algorithm
  • Finished Model Wired Right Into Prospector*
  • Complete Model Re-Build Each Year
  • Dedicated Turnkey Account Manager

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