Prospector:  The Industry’s Only Data Management Software

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Automate.   Integrate.   Simplify.   Prospector is a unique and powerful software platform designed expressly for sports & entertainment.   Prospector enables clients to easily manage, in one convenient place, all of their data processes:  data hygiene, de-duping, data append purchasing, record completion, list buying, lead scoring and more.   Clients can use Prospector’s automation, and/or simply upload records manually to get real-time, on-demand data and analytics.

Prospector is the only system of its kind in sports & entertainment.   Its penetration across the industry derives from its seamless integrations with the industry’s ticketing platforms (Ticketmaster/Arctichs, & Paciolan) and most common CRM systems (MSCRM, Data flows in and out of these systems automatically, or on any schedule you desire.

  • Unlimited Seat Logins
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Automated Nightly Ticket Integration
  • Automated Nightly CRM Integration
  • On Demand/No Minimums
  • Unlimited API Access
  • Automated 360-Degree Reporting
  • Automatic & Manual Drive
  • Dedicated Turnkey Account Manager

The Most Data-Driven Sports & Entertainment Clients Use Prospector