2014 FBS Ticket Buyer Network Study

This study, to be conducted for the second consecutive year across all interested FBS colleges and universities, is built to arm schools and conferences with key insights and comparisons about your most important customers: your ticket buyers.

Key Project Insights Include:

  • Who purchases your ticketsFBS_Demo_Screenshot
  • What factors motivate your buyers
  • How satisfied attendees are with the gameday experience
  • The role of the secondary market
  • Season ticket holders’ likelihood to renew
  • To what extent season ticket holders’ expectations are being met
  • Attendees’ likelihood to recommend your product to others

How Does The Project Work?

After you sign up for the project, Turnkey will provide you a custom survey link. Your school will be responsible for emailing that link to approx. 2.5K single event buyers and 2.5K season ticket holders in October/November 2014. Then, in December, you will receive access to your institution’s results, which you will be able to view via online dashboard (and compare against conference and FBS averages, and your institution’s 2013 data).

For more information and specific details about the project, please view the presentation below. The presentation is a recording of a recent informational webinar Turnkey conducted for dozens of FBS institutions interested in learning more about the project.

What’s The Cost?

The cost to participate in the project is $1,000 per institution. Ready to sign up? Please click here to register. The deadline for registration is July 31, 2014.

How Did The 2013 Study Turn Out?

The 2013 study involved 69 FBS institutions and ran on the same timeline as is planned for the 2014 study. Results were printed and analyzed in numerous industry publications, and discussed at length at SBJ’s IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. Here are the key details, as well as feedback from several participating institutions:

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2013 FBS Study Participants