To create an email segment so that you can target fans who purchased tickets and had their tickets scanned upon entering the stadium, follow the instructions below.

1.  Create an email segment name using “Turnkey Survey Project”
2.  Set the Attendance = seasonCode F14 or FB14 (depending on what your organization uses within PACmail)

PACmail Email Segment Name

3.  itemCode = all values (this will get EVERYONE who scanned in)

PACmail itemCode


The process is now complete.

**If the season code does not appear, then follow the steps below to push the data over to PACmail (you can always call Paciolan support if they have questions)

**Data Transfer Parameters

Patrons > External Data Transfer > Data Transfer Parameters


This process allows you to set the parameters for automatically importing the latest season and patron data from your Paciolan databases into PACmail.


  1. Destination: Enter LYR (it should automatically have LYR in this field once you get to this screen) and press Enter or Tab on your keyboard
  2. Account: Press Enter or Tab on your keyboard once you are in this field (everything else will populate automatically on the screen for you)
  3. Seasons: In the Seasons section below, make sure that season code F14 or FB14 (based on how you labeled your latest season code) is available and checked under the Items column.

PACmail Data Transfer Parameters


  • If available and checked, skip steps 4 and 5 (you’re done!)
  • If not, enter F14 or FB14 (based on what you’re using for your latest season code) and check the Items column and complete steps 4 and 5 below.

PACmail seasons

  1. Clear Date and Time: Click this button to clear the last successful transfer. This instructs the data transfer process to pull all data for the configured seasons and campaigns and to send it to the PACmail database (versus only updates since the last transfer date and time).
  2. Save: Click this button to ensure that your updated settings are saved before you exit.