Turnkey Intelligence’s All-in-One Sales & Marketing Solution:

Sell & Market Smarter

As an entertainment and sports marketer, you are in a never-ending battle to retain ticket buyers, grow your customer base, and increase sponsorship revenue.

You need simple, effective, and affordable tools to sell and market smarter.

The Audience Portal provides the analytical tools you need to obtain these insights and grow your business.

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Surveyor Network

List Maker



All the tools you need to make better business decisions.

  • Use Surveyor to build surveys, collect responses, & share reports containing critical insights.
  • The Surveyor Network is the place to compare your key customer metrics against DMA, regional & industry benchmarks.
  • Enhance consumer records with an extensive array of demographic, lifestyle, & wealth indicators via Prospector.
  • Also use Prospector to implement custom lead scoring models & improve your close rates.
  • Discover & purchase new sales leads that match your current customers with ListMaker.
  • Use our newest application, DataPort, to transfer custom data sets within, to and from the Portal.
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The Audience Portal in the News

More than 230 professional sports, collegiate athletics and entertainment properties are already using the Audience Portal’s tools to sell and market smarter. Take a look at how they’re using insights to get ahead, and how our products are making the news around the world!